Frequently asked questions


Why is the water in my pool green?

This is either the result of not disinfecting the water, or doing so ineffectively. With the latter, there is a wide range of reasons that may be the cause. The first thing to do is to conduct an extensive chemical analysis of the water in order to diagnose the cause and make the necessary chemical adjustments in order to effectively disinfect the water and make it healthy for swimmers

Why are my pool’s grout lines not white?

Here the best solution is prevention – adequately maintaining the pool year round is essential, along with using a quality material for the pool’s grouting. When the pool’s maintenance is not done correctly, algae takes refuge in the pores of the pool’s grouting material, remaining dormant until the temperature increases and they begin to proliferate.  One of the most resistant types is “black algae”, which can even resist chlorine. This doesn’t mean that it can’t be removed, but it’s a job that must be done by a professional who will be able to contain the algae in summer, keeping the water healthy for swimmers, and then correctly eliminate it in winter months when the pool isn’t being used

Why can’t I get the water in my pool to be crystal clear?

Some of the main causes include:

– Nonexistent filter media (sand filter, diatoms, etc.) or one that needs to be replaced.

– Insufficient hours of operation of the filtration system, the system doesn’t operate for enough time during the day in order to capture all the particles that fall into the swimming pool.

– Incorrect range of the water’s chemical parameters (Chlorine, PH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Cyanic Acid, etc.).

– Incorrect size of the filter, pump, pipes, etc.

Why does my hair turn green after swimming in my pool?

Some pool products have blue dye, copper sulphate (blue colour) or both. The mixture of this blue with the yellow of blond hair results in the green colour we see. The solution is to use quality products that eliminate this problem and that are also healthier for swimmers

Why does my pool smell like chlorine?

This is due to chloramines. What you’re smelling is not actually the smell of chlorine, and the smell that swimmers usually describe as chlorine is the result of the creation of chloramines due to the presence of organic matter such as urine, sweat, etc. To eliminate this odour, we will need to use a treatment that will fully eliminate the chloramines. To detect the presence of chloramines in the water, we don’t need to wait for the odour to appear. By analysing the total chlorine and the free chlorine, we can obtain the residual chlorine, which must always be 0 ppm

Why do my eyes turn red when I swim?

This is due to chloramines. By controlling the water’s chemical parameters, mainly the residual chlorine, we can avoid this problem. Read WHY DOES MY POOL SMELL OF CHLORINE? If there is no residual chlorine in the water, the reason may be due to an incorrect PH

Why do I have to renew the water in my pool?

If you disinfect your pool with chlorine tablets, granules or powder, there will come a time when the stabiliser (isocyanuric acid) will be present in high concentrations in your pool water, which will not let the chlorine do its job and will irritate the skin and eyes. The only possible solution to fix the high concentration of this acid is to change the water. If we have a concentration of 100 ppm, renewing half of the water in the pool would be sufficient in order to reach an acceptable value of 50 ppm