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Our company specialises in the maintenance of swimming pools with chlorinated water, salt water and chlorine-free water


We are experts in the repair and installation of swimming pool equipment


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It is not always the case that clear water equals healthy water. Our priority is for you to be able to enjoy healthy bathing


We look after your swimming pool and we look after your health, placing all our experience at your service

Piscinas con cloro

Chlorinated swimming pools

Chlorination is the most economical way to keep your pool water disinfected. There are two kinds:

Chlorine in tablets is undoubtedly the most affordable way to ensure the water in your pool is suitable for bathing. However, it can be difficult to maintain optimal levels due to the composition of the tablets (cyanuric acid)

Liquid chlorine represents a considerable improvement in the quality of the water with respect to tablets because it is an automated process in which a probe measures the amount of chlorine and a dispenser supplies the necessary chlorine through the filtering system

Piscinas agua salada

Saltwater pools

This type of pool represents an improvement in water conditions with respect to chlorine maintenance, and what’s more the process is fully automated

Through a salt chlorinator that is integrated into the filtering system, salt water is used to generate gaseous chlorine by means of electrolysis; this chlorine dissolves immediately in the water and disinfects it

With this system, although it still uses chlorine, we no longer have cyanuric acid, thus improving the quality of your bathing

Piscinas sin cloro

Chlorine-free swimming pools

The sensation of bathing in this water is indescribable, to understand it you have to try it. In our experience it is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy healthy bathing in fresh water, without odours and without dregs

We have two treatment options, the most basic of which involves active oxygen in the skimmer basket

The other option involves automatic monitoring. A REDOX probe and a pH electrode determine the concentration levels in the water, then a regulator with pre-set levels ​​supplies the exact quantities required to reach the appropriate levels by means of dispensing pumps. This is the most recommended method


We are specialists who work only in the swimming pool sector. Request a free estimate for your project

Dosificadores y cloradores salinos

Saline chlorinators and dispensers

If you want to improve the quality of the water in your pool and go one step further, a good option is to install machinery that enables us to maintain consistent water levels. It is important that we take into account the characteristics of our pool and our use thereof when we are choosing the saline chlorinator or dispenser that we should install. Contact us with no obligation



Several types of filter materials exist. Silica sand and glass are among the most commonly used. If your pool’s levels are correct and you do not get crystal clear water, you may need to change the sand or glass in order to achieve efficient filtering. Do not hesitate to ask us which is the most suitable for your pool. We will be happy to assist you



By installing lighting in your pool you can turn it into a decorative feature. RGB LEDS mean we get greater durability and versatility since we are able to use coloured lights. As with all our products, we work with leading brands so as to ensure the safety and proper functioning of your pool

Bombas para piscinas

Pool pumps

The pump is one of the most important components of the purification system of any pool. When the time comes to repair it or to install a new one, we need to consider another key component of our pool: the filter. It is very important that these two components are compatible

Rejuntado y reparación de grietas

Grouting and repair of cracks

The appearance of cracks or the wear and tear of the joints of your pool can be due to different reasons. The main factors to consider include the quality of the materials used when carrying out these kinds of repairs. The correct application of these is also essential, as is the correct maintenance of the water in your pool



Heat pumps for swimming pools provide you with a fast and efficient system, with a wide range of brands and capabilities available depending on the size and capacity of your pool. You also have the option of combining a heat pump system with your home heating. By heating your pool, you will be able to enjoy it all year round


Good upkeep of your garden requires a gardener who has the knowledge required to give your plants the care they need in order to grow. We know that garden and swimming pool maintenance are distinct jobs which are completely different. In order to provide a service with the utmost professionalism, we do provide maintenance for your garden. However, we would be happy to help you choose a professional gardener who is dedicated exclusively to the upkeep of your garden


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